Academic or General Training

IELTS | Candidates – Academic or General Training?

There are two versions of IELTS to choose from:

  • IELTS Academic
  • IELTS General Training


The following definitions are to be used as a general guide only. Check with the institution or the body you wish to apply to before you book your test.

IELTS Academic – For Higher and Further Education IELTS Academic Module is, generally speaking, for those who want to study or train in an English-speaking university or Institutions of Higher and Further Education. Based on the results of the Academic test, admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses is given. IELTS Academic can also be a requirement to join a professional body in an English-speaking country.

General Training – for schools, work or migration. The General Training Mudule focuses on everyday life survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts. This module is typically taken by those who are going to English-speaking countries to do secondary education, work experience or training programmes. It is also one of the visa requirements for people who are wishing to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the USA.

It is advisable to check with your organisation Every organisation sets its own entry requirements. In some cases both versions of IELTS may be accepted. Search for who accepts IELTS? and the organisations you want to apply to, and find out which version you need.

A reliable, secure test

The IELTS nine (9) band score system grades scores consistently. It is secure, benchmarked and understood worldwide. Test materials are designed carefully so that every version of the test is of a comparable level of difficulty …

Special needs

Test Centres make every effort to cater for test takers with special needs. If you require a modified version of the test you must give the Test Centre three months notice. This notice period is necessary for the modified test version to be prepared. If your circumstances require special administrative arrangements to be made, e.g. extra time, you must give the Test Centre six weeks’ notice…