Improve your child’s English under the instructions and guidance of well qualified and experienced teachers. Our lessons are student focused, engaging and most of all, fun!

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Other Languages

Either it is Academic or General Training module; we provide you the best facilities, course materials and lectures to help you achieve you target score. You will get a comprehensive understanding of each component – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking before start practicing past papers.

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Cambridge English Courses

Teach your child English step by step leading to worldwide recognized qualification like B2 First (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and C2 Proficiency (CPE).

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Young Learners

We seriously think basics in the language - punctuating, spelling and using correct grammar to be more important at early stage in language learning. From Pre - Starters level 1 (grade 2 – 3) to Flyers level, we carefully teach the mechanics. In addition to these, we focus on teaching spelling his/ her name and simple words at starters level and writing short descriptions of objects and people at Flyers level. Students are taken up gradually from Pre-starters level to Flyers level during the Young Learners programme.

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Start Teaching

First English teaching qualification before you start teaching is Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test). This qualification is from Cambridge University. We have been teaching students for this exam since 2010.

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