CSE English School has helped thousands of international school students to achieve their potentials since it was established in 2010.

We have achieved these by focusing on key aims of international curriculum at our education centre.

In our junior Edexcel classes we:

  • give students a solid foundation for lifelong learning: with a structured syllabus for English. This provides excellent preparation for further study at International IGCSE and GCE.
  • teach students correct spelling, punctuating and improve word power (vocabulary) correct sentence structures (grammar)and building paragraphs and writing variety of text types at young age.
  • use up-to-date teaching materials recommended by the Edexcel to teach all our students. Teachers regularly attend workshops and seminars organized by the Edexcel annually to keep themselves updated about ideas for lesson to teach students in an enjoyable and creative manner.
  • give your child a fearless and cohesion teaching learning experience focusing on higher Edexcel qualification for ages 6 onwards.