Cambridge English

Flyers, also known as Young Learners English (YLE): Flyers, is the highest of three tests specifically designed for schoolchildren aged between 7 and 12. Cambridge English: Flyers shows a child can deal with everyday written and spoken English at a basic level.

Exam Overview

What's in the exam?

Paper Content Marks (% of Total)
Listening (about 25 minutes) 5 parts/25 questions a maximum of five shields
Reading & Writing (40 minutes) 7 parts/50 questions a maximum of five shields
Speaking (7–9 minutes) 4 parts a maximum of five shields

Give your child a head start in English

Real-life language skills

Cambridge English: Flyers is the highest of the three Cambridge English: Young Learners tests. As your child develops and works their way up to the Flyers certificate, they reach a level that will enable them to aim for Cambridge English: Key or Cambridge English: Preliminary – exams which lead to certificates internationally accepted for work and study purposes.

When children learn English, it is important that they learn English which is practical and useful. They also need to work towards international standards that will prepare them for study abroad or the international world of work.
Cambridge English: Flyers is set at Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A2 is the level of English needed to:

  • Understand simple written English
  • Communicate in familiar situations
  • Understand short notices and simple spoken directions.
  • It shows that a child is able to communicate at a basic level in English.
  • For example, at A2 level, you can expect them to:
  • Understand and use basic phrases and expressions
  • Introduce themselves and answer basic questions about their personal details
  • Interact with English speakers who talk slowly and clearly
  • Write short, simple notes.

Relevant for your child

Fun and stimulating

The Cambridge English: Young Learners tests are specially tailored to suit the interests of schoolchildren, so they increase their motivation to learn English. Because the tests are based on familiar topics and situations, they give your child the confidence to use their English and inspire them to do well.

At Cambridge ESOL, we believe that learning should not be stressful for children. By enjoying their studies, reading, listening and speaking in English come naturally. As their confidence develops, they will want to learn more and use English to a more challenging level.



Cambridge English exams cover all major varieties of English and are designed to be fair to users of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds.

A wealth of materials is available to help you and your child prepare for the tests.

A Cambridge English certificate

Help prepare your child for Cambridge English: Flyers

For children to take full advantage of the opportunities that tomorrow’s world of work will offer, knowledge of English is an important asset. It is, therefore, best for your child to work towards certificates that are accepted by thousands of educational organisations and employers throughout the world.

CSE English school – Negombo conducts exam preparation classes for teachers and learners for all Cambridge English exams.